Cydev Mission, Vision, and Core Values


CyDev History

CyDev was founded in 2012. CyDev is short for Cyber Development. Our company was founded to help small businesses connect with technology to provide value and establish closer relationships to customers. CyDev has helped numerous companies expand and reach new markets. Today, CyDev has evolved to create new technologies with the utilization of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning models, and other technologies. CyDev builds solutions for customers either directly or indirectly. CyDev will continue to evolve, create new products, enter new markets, and find new opportunities.


CyDev Vision

Cydev is a technology company. We look to develop and enhance technology by creating innovative solutions which push the status quo. At CyDev will look to establish new boundaries. We challenge how our customers interact with existing technologies and establish a new vision for what we can accomplish in the future.


CyDev Mission

CyDev is a dynamic organization. At CyDev we are always changing to meet the challenges in an always evolving environment. Our customers are our top priority. Earning our customers trust and meeting then exceeding their desires is our core responsibility. We measure ourselves on our satisfied customers and take steps to ensure that we identify and resolve any areas where we do not measure up to the high standards we set for ourselves. Cydev is built by people that care about each other. We have established a sharing, compassionate, and equitable environment where our employees are rewarded and valued. At CyDev we strive to develop and enhance the lives of our employees by consistently investing in their future. In the end, at CyDev we believe by developing in our employees our company and our people will always be prepared to meet the challenges in a dynamic environment.


Core Values & Principals

Positive Attitude

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Having a positive attitude is core to receiving and delivering information. Having a positive attitude allows us to remain optimistic of the future and open to development, coaching, and receiving feedback.


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We should always remain open-minded to listen to feedback and ideas. Remaining coachable is critical self-improvements. We have an internal mantra that sometimes, the best feedback is often times the most difficult to hear.


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Remaining accountable to our deliverables and assignment is core to moving the organization forward. At CyDev we take accountability for our success and when we fail, we learn from the opportunity, never making the same mistake twice. Being accountable allows us to accept accountability for our actions and ownership for our responsibilities.


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We have a collaborative environment where every works together and shares information. At Cydev we have created an environment where information is shared freely if needed for ones success.


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Having high standards and releasing great products is out highest priority. We deliver quality products for our customers and make decisions based on what’s best in the long term versus the short term.


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To establish trust for our customers and employees we maintain honesty and integrity at all times. Always providing honest assessments so that the best decisions can be made.

Self Disciple

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The ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it.


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We are dedicated to our customers and each other. At Cydev we are committed to our principles.


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When we work we are focused on building a clear perception and understanding. We believe that maintaining a laser focus mindset allows us to accomplish our goals. Focus generates energy and that energy enables us to work together to reach all of our goals and objectives.

Action Oriented

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We take practical action to deal with a problem or situation and believe that any item not addressed in a proper timeframe can cause greater harm.

Continuously Learning

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We believe in professional development where employees are given the opportunity to learn simultaneously while they work. At CyDev we want our team to develop the habit of acquiring skills, knowledge, and abilities to help them become better at their jobs.

Passion for Life

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Passion is what motivates us to do the things we love. It is that strong desire that allows us to create something extraordinary—the fuel that keeps the fire burning. Being passionate about something gives us a sense of purpose.

Open Minded

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At CyDev we are welcoming to new ideas, arguments, and information that we would not typically align with.

Challenge the Status Quo

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Innovators have to challenge the status quo. Challenging the status quo actually means challenging norms – something everybody wants but few want to do.


What our employees say

At CyDev we have great work life balance. We save time and money not having to commute to the office. Each day is a new challenge, full of excitement, and I get many chances to enhance my personal knowledge. I love working in this open culture.

Yaman Suneja

All members of the team have a voice. We get to come up with ideas that don’t just benefit me as an individual, but the company as a whole. We get to work with intelligent and talented people.

Yusoof Ali

The culture at CyDev is positive and transparent. Everyone one is open to new ideas and suggestions. Overall CyDev is a great organization to work for with lots of exciting opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute.

Padma Balasundar

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